Thursday, 31 October 2013

late 1800's Gramophone

Additional technical info:
v  3dsMax to model low-poly and high-poly versions of gramophone.
v  Mudbox was used to add higher frequency details to a high-poly version.
v  Normal map, AO and Cavity maps were baked in Xnormal.
v  Texturing was done with the help of nDo2 and dDo, composed and fine-tuned in Photoshop.

CryEngine info:
v  Multi sub materials: wood and brass (with standard illum shader) and velvet (with cloth shader).
v  Standard CryEngine SDK detail bump maps were used to add high-res surface detail.
v  Final image was rendered in CryEngine 3.5 and outputted as a 4k screenshots. 


  1. Wow! Thats a great looking model you got there. Thanks for sharing the collage as well!

    Best regards, Käy.